Mold thrives in Dark, Damp Spaces.

If you have Water Damage hidden inside your walls, then this could be the cause of the constant Mold issues you keep encountering.

You need a Company that offers a full spectrum of solutions for Mold Detection, Mold Removal, and Mold Remediation.

Rather than facing the Dangers of trying to remove the Mold on your Own.

It’s time to Call a Professional to step in. We work to not only Remove the Mold, but fix the source of the problem to help prevent the Mold growth from reoccurring.

As a Mold Remediation Expert, Mold Remediation is one of our Specialties.

SERVXPRESS RESTORATIONS works hard to make sure your Home or Business is completely Mold free.

How we do this is by, locating the problem of the moisture source that cause the Mold itself. A containment is placed using specific equipment, as appropriate including the use of a HEPA-Vac System, negative air system and air scrubbers.

We always recommend a third-party environmental hygienist to complete a comprehensive air quality test once our Remediation is complete.