Water Damage Mitigation Services

Water damage can cause severe and lasting damage to the inside and outside of your property, so it is critical to act fast. ServXpress Restorations’ IICRC-certified technicians will assess the water damage, clean up the standing water, then mitigate and restore your property.

Superior Water Damage Mitigation Services

ServXpress Restorations has a team of experts in water removal, damage cleanup, and restoration.

We provide an extensive list of indoor water damage repair services for a wide range of common problems including the following.

Hose breaks in washing machines and dishwashers

Cracks in toilet bowls or sinks

Condensate leaks in central air conditioners

Frozen or broken pipes

Refrigerator water line breaks

Water heater malfunctions

Repipe, and more!

Outdoor water mitigation and restoration services for issues, including the following:

  • Water main breaks
  • Flooding
  • Severe rain
  • Groundwater flooding

A Water Mitigation Company With 15 Years of Experience

We understand the devastating effects water damage can have on your home and office and offer superb mitigation services around the clock.

Our highly skilled technicians use the latest technology to prevent further damage and restore your property. Learn about a few of the things that makes us stand out.


Why Choose Us

Experience Dealing With Water Mitigation Insurance Claims

Our team will work with your insurance provider to assess damages and help them determine the cost of repairs. We are passionate about our work and taking care of our customers.

Our Water Damage Mitigation Technology

Our skilled technicians use the latest technology, including moisture detectors and hygrometer sensors, to determine the full extent of damage, even when it’s below surfaces or behind walls.

Step-by-Step Guidance in the Water Mitigation Process

After completing the initial assessment, we will explain the processes needed for drying and cleaning the area and answer your questions about the procedures.

Trust ServXpress Restorations for Your Water Damage Mitigation Services

If you are dealing with water damage at your home or office for any reason, finding a dependable and effective mitigation and restoration service is crucial.

The potential  for health risks and property damage rapidly increases with every hour that passes.

ServXpress Restorations provides you with fast and reliable top-rate water damage mitigation and restoration services around the clock nationwide.

Do You Have An Emergency?

We offer 24/7 services for residential and commercial properties and will get back to you right away.